We cannot believe the time has gone so quickly. When we come back from half term we will
only have 7 more weeks at pre-school! This is a really important term for our children leaving
for school and we will be supporting all the children with transition to their new school.



Come and support us at the Foundry Lane School Fete on Saturday 30th June


Lunch Boxes

Some children are still bringing whole grapes and tomatoes in their lunch boxes. As previously requested, could they be cut in quarters to avoid a choking risk.

Also, please remember we are a nut-free zone.

Now the warm weather is here, it would be a good idea to add a cool pack to lunch boxes as we are unable to store children’s lunches in our fridge.


Playground Equipment

A polite reminder for all parents/carers with older children:

Please can you ensure that older children do not play with the playgroup equipment whilst waiting for their siblings.

This includes the trikes, balls and playhouse.

The equipment has already been packed away by staff. Most of the equipment is not suitable for older children and we do not want the equipment to be damaged, or for your children to get hurt.

Thank you for your co-operation


Parent Review Week

Please make an appointment to see your child’s key person for a catch-up.

Appointments available Monday 9th – Friday 13th July



The Photographer will be at Playgroup on Thursday 28th June Between 9.30am and 4pm


Sunny Weather

Hopefully the lovely sunny weather will continue!

Parents are encouraged to apply a long lasting suntan lotion shortly before arriving at playgroup. And please don’t forget a sun-hat!

We will re-apply sun-cream to children who attend all day. Please ensure you put some in their bag.



During the summer term, we will be planning activities based around “Under the Sea and Make Believe.” Our core books will be Rainbow Fish and Gruffalo.


Exciting News!

Friday 20th July – Inset day, playgroup closed

Although we are closed, we have arranged a family picnic/sports day for parents and children.

Time: 11.30am – 2pm

Where: On the school field

Why: Chance to have some fun and say goodbye

What: Games and Races

Bring your own picnic









Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June – Half term – Playgroup closed

Thursday 28th June – Photographer in setting

Monday 9th – Friday 13th July – Parent review week

Friday 20th July – Inset day – playgroup closed: Family picnic/sports day

May 2018 Newsletter