At whatever age children begin pre-school they will have had a range of different experiences. They will have learnt a great deal, particularly from their families, and will have varied interests and skills. Children are constantly encountering new experiences and seeking to understand them in order to extend their skills, develop their confidence and build on what they already know.

Our aim is to provide high quality early learning and childcare to improve outcomes for all children. We believe that all children are entitled to the very best preschool experience we can provide within a secure and caring environment. We aim to make our playgroup a warm, friendly place, creating an atmosphere of trust and security in which all children, irrespective of background, gender, race, disability or ethnicity, are treated equally.

We appreciate that all children are individuals and aim to provide learning experiences through play, catered to your child’s individual needs. This enables every child to develop at their own pace and grow in self-confidence by choosing from a wide range of activities, ensuring that each child is encouraged to progress to their individual potential. At the end of their time with us, children will be independent and able to move on happily to school. We work hard to promote good liaisons with local primary schools to ensure a sensitive and smooth transition for each child.

Practitioners have a crucial role in this learning and as a team we value ongoing professional development and training to ensure that each team member has a good understanding of teaching and care strategies and a sound knowledge of child development.